Automatic Rim Watch user manual


Do you already own an automatic rim watch or are you thinking about buying one and need more detailed information?

Then you've come to the right place!

An automatic watch is a mechanical watch that is wound automatically by the movements of the wrist and is therefore continuously operated. Inside the watch is a rotor that swings back and forth with every movement of the wearer's wrist and thus winds up the watch mechanism.

It is important to note that automatic watches should be worn regularly to ensure that they remain charged. If the watch is not worn for long periods of time, it may be necessary to wind it manually or use a watch winder box to keep the watch moving.

Overall, automatic watches are robust, precise and durable and are an excellent choice for watch lovers who are looking for a high-quality and elegant watch that is also technically sophisticated.

Set the time correctly:

  • Pull the crown slightly to get to the 1st position
  • Turn the crown to set the minute and hour hands
  • Press the crown against the case to return to the zero position
  • Wear the watch and shake it gently or move your arm to move the watch and activate the mechanism.

    additional information

    • Always use the watch with the crown pushed in (zero position)
    • We recommend that you wear the automatic rim watch 8 hours a day or keep it in motion.
    • It has a power reserve of 42 hours.
    • Do not operate the crown when the watch is wet. This can allow water to penetrate and cause damage to essential components.
    How to put on your watch:
    1. Remove the foil from the strap
    2. Open the buckle by pressing on its right and left side
    3. Place the watch strap around your wrist
    4. Press both parts of the buckle back into their original shape

    Do you want to have your automatic watch engraved?

    You can have your automatic rim watch engraved at a specific location:
    1. A- Stelle zum Beispiel
    2. B- Stelle zum Beispiel

      Shorten the watch:

      We recommend that you use the tool provided for this purpose, as shown in (Fig. 1). Please do not use nails or needles, as there is a risk of scratching the bracelet or injuring yourself. You can find video instructions here:

      Schritt 1:

      The metal straps have markings in the form of arrows (Fig. 2). To remove strap links, the metal pin must be moved in the direction of the arrow.

      Schritt 2:

      Place the bracelet to be shortened in the attachment of the pin remover (Fig.3). Carefully unscrew the pin in the direction of the arrow. Pull out the pin of the bracelet link on the opposite side (Fig. 4).

      Schritt 3:

      Once you have removed the desired number of links, reconnect the bracelet by inserting the pin back between the bracelet links in the opposite direction to the arrow (Fig. 5).