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Drift Rim Watch Red

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Drift Rim Watch Silver Red

Drift Rim Watch Silver Blue

Drop Center Rim Watch Black

Drop Center Rim Watch Silver

Motorcycle Rim Watch

Motorsport Rim Watch Red

Motorsport Rim Watch Yellow

Motorsport Rim Watch Blue

Performance GT Rim Watch Red

Performance GT Rim Watch Green

Performance GT Rim Watch Yellow

Performance GT Rim Watch Blue

Performance GT Rim Watch Silver Red

Drift Rim Watch for Women Rose

Drift Rim Watch for Women Silver

Automatic Rim Watch Drift

Drift Tuning Rim Watch Silver Black

Drift Tuning Rim Watch Black

Drift Tuning Rim Watch Black Silver

Drift Tuning Rim Watch Silver

Automatic Rim Watch Motorsport Black

Automatic Rim Watch Motorsport Silver

Drift Rim Watch Black Silver

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Custom-made rim watches

Each watch is unique, just like you are: Let your favorite rim be part of your personal watch. Our custom-made rim watches are designed and crafted according to your individual wishes and preferences. The synergy of high quality and unique looks will make your watch an unremarkable statement piece. Are none of our watches according to your personal liking? No need to fret – we can match any rim in your color of choice to your rim watch.

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There has never been a better time to buy a men’s wristwatch. At the same time it has never been more difficult to choose a watch model. That is why DriftElement has an exquisite selection of carefully crafted designer watches with a certain je ne sais quoi.

Our Unique Rim Watch

The Drift Rim Watch in blue. Don’t miss out on this gem! Due to the striking blue of the hands and the brake caliper, this rim watch achieves a very special effect and is Rightfully already one of our bestsellers.

Motorsport Rim Watch

Appearance is not everything – performance counts too. A composition if high-quality materials reflects the sports cars’ and mechanics’ precision and quality workmanship, making the Motorsport Rim Watch a first-class drift element.

Drop Center Rim Watch

The DriftElement Drop Center Rim Watch makes the heart of every Drop Center enthusiast beat faster. This watch combines technical perfection, attention to detail, and realistic rim design to create a product in the fast lane.

Motorsport Rim Watch

DriftElement watches combine unique design with high quality materials. Motorsports and the connection to cars and motorcycles is reflected in our community. Our detailed rim watch expresses exactly that: with its differently colored brake calipers it combines tuning love with elaborate design.

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