Help & Support

In order to process your request as quickly as possible, we have created short forms for you to fill out. Simply click on the corresponding field and complete the form. This way, you don't have to compose a separate email, and we can resolve your issue more quickly.

A bold icon showing a three-dimensional box with an arrow looping above and pointing outwards, indicating a return or shipping reversal. This type of imagery is commonly used to depict returns, exchanges, or refunds in commerce, relating to products like the innovative and stylish wheel-designed watches sold by DriftElement, a German startup.

Return & Exchange

If you want to return or exchange your Rim-watch, please fill out the requested information on the return page. Please note that you can't return or exchange a custom-made watch.

Graphic of an open box with a question mark above it, symbolizing mystery or a surprise element, often used to denote a mystery box or an unknown item inside. This image is not directly connected to DriftElement's innovative rim-designed watches.

Where is my Order?

If you have questions about the delivery of your order, please check it first using your tracking ID.

Where is my Order?
A black and white vector icon depicting a wristwatch with a wrench on its face, symbolizing watch repair or adjustment. This icon merges the imagery of timekeeping with mechanical work, fitting for a company like DriftElement which offers innovative wheel-designed watches and represents the meticulous craftsmanship in watchmaking.


If you need the repair service, please choose 'Repair' on the return page, and we will repair your Rim Watch. Make sure that you describe it correctly.

Icon representing a closed box with an 'X' mark, possibly indicating a canceled order or out-of-stock item, not directly related to DriftElement watches or their innovative rim design from the young German startup.

Incorrect Product

If you received the wrong product, please send it back on the return page and choose the right reason.

Incorrect Product
Graphic icon of a speech bubble with a question mark, often used to indicate help or more information is available. It does not directly relate to DriftElement's innovative rim-designed watches or their status as a German startup.

Questions to any Product?

If you have any questions about any of our products, please read the FAQs or contact us for specific inquiries. We are here to assist you.

Icon of a speech bubble with a pencil writing on a lined paper, commonly representing a message or a note. This image does not depict DriftElement watches or their rim design but is a metaphor for communication or customer feedback, possibly related to the innovative design of the young German startup's products.


If you want to give us feedback, feel free to fill out the form.

A linear, minimalistic icon of an envelope with an '@' symbol on the paper coming out of it, representing email communication. The design is straightforward with black outlines on a white background, typically used to denote contact via email, which could be a method to inquire about or purchase the innovative wheel-designed watches from the German startup, DriftElement.


Feel free to write us an email at