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Rims Watch


RIMS WATCH ... yes, check it out ... RIMS WATCH

Our wristwatches are especially… they not only tell you the time, so that you are always in the right place at the right time, but also combine the love for cars and motor-sport with a precise, detailed representation of a car rim. Our DriftElement-Shop offers you different Rims Watches, color accentuated, suitable for every outfit.


Rims Watches in every design

Maybe you have already asked yourself what exactly a Rims Watch is? Ultimately, a Rims Watch is a wristwatch with a Japanese quartz movement, precise in its timing and resistant to water splashes. In this respect it hardly differs from other high-quality wristwatches. Our Rims Watch, however, has a very special design, as the dial is based on real car rims. And since there are a lot of different car rims out there, we don’t have a single rim design, but want to illustrate a variety of car rims. That’s why we offer the classic Rims Watch in three different colors (red, green and blue), our multi-spoke watch in yellow or red, the Motor-sport Rims Watch, the Cross Spokes Rims Watch and the Nitro Rims Watch. Each watch reflects the design of an unmistakable car manufacturer. But a rim design alone is not enough if you look around in the car tuning world. Each of our Rims Watches has a colored brake caliper, following the current trend in the car scene. This results in a very special 3D effect, just like it can be seen in reality on a tire. In addition, the hour and second hands are color-coordinated with the brake caliper for optimum timekeeping.


Why exactly YOU need a Rims Watch!

Of course, our Rims Watch was designed for everyone: whether man or woman, senior or junior, motor-sport fan or simply-only-car user. But if you are especially into tuning and mechanics, if your heart beats faster seeing a BMW with blue brake caliper, if you can tell at a glance which rim fits which car manufacturer, then our Rims Watch is just the right thing for you. Or maybe you know somebody to whom all these characteristics apply? Then our DriftElement Rims Watch is the perfect gift!

To make your outfit complete, DriftElement offers not only Rims Watches, but also the matching accessories related to the topic of car sports. On our pages you will find bracelets and chains, all matching the theme Rims Watch.

Matching accessories

How and where can you get hold of the precious piece?

You can only find the original Rims Watch in our DriftElement-Shop. Here you can choose from a variety of different Rims Watch designs, pick a matching color and in no time you will have the jewel in your hands. Be enchanted by the very special 3D effect and park the Rims Watch after each use in the matching high-quality leather box. The DriftElement logo on the Rims Watch and on the watch box guarantees you an excellent wristwatch with a detailed, exceptional design. And only by the logo you can recognize an original Drift Rims Watch.


You too can get the perfect wristwatch!

Perfect style, perfect finish, perfect choice: Wicked and expressive, this is how our Rims Watch presents itself. Whether red, yellow, green or blue, we offer you unique, extraordinary wristwatches for a fair price. And only here in our DriftElement-Shop you can get the original Rims Watch.

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