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About Us

Our brand creates the connection of unique designer watches with the world of motor sport


Tuning and Wristwatches

“Yes, it fits!” we thought, and after much research we found the perfect product. Our rim-watches in different color designs combine the love for cars and motorcycles with practical jewelery for men.



Your Tuning Event for the Wrist

These rim-watches are the latest trend on the motor sport market. Fashionable in design, masculine in expression, striking in execution.


We are still at the very beginning

Everything started out small. And so we too are still at the very beginning of our career in the fashion tuning world. We want to present you only the best and highest quality products, therefore we keep our assortment small and simple. But little by little we will offer you more fashion tuning models, so better not miss anything!


DriftElement – The Original

We have used very popular car rims as templates to make unique, timeless and exclusive rim clocks.

NOTE: There are companies that imitate our clocks and slightly change the design or brand name. These are copies with low quality and durability. We are not responsible if you buy a fake copy!