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About us

Tuning and Rimwatches

"Yes, that fits!" we thought, and after extensive research, we found the perfect product. Our wheel clocks in various color designs combine the love for cars and motorcycles with practical accessories for both men and women.

Established in September 2020




In our stylish community, everyone brings their unique vibe. It's all about shared fun, creativity, and good vibes. Welcome to our cool gang, where everyone matters! 🚀✨

Sonderanfertigung - DriftElement


Rimwatches are more than just timepieces – they are a statement of individual style. With a unique design, they give a personal expression to every wrist. Whether sporty, elegant, or casual, they are the perfect complement for a distinctive look.


We are not just sponsors; we are passionate racing enthusiasts. Our collection embodies this passion with dynamic design and high-tech materials, telling the story of adrenaline, speed, and the will to win.

Our Story

April 2021

Introduction of Our First Women's Model

September 2021

Introduction of Your Wheel as a Watch. Custom-Made

October 2021

Introduction of Our First Automatic Model

December 2021

Over 20,000 Watches Sold in 2021

January 2022

Our First Photoshoot in Dubai

March 2022

Introduction of Merchandise Items such as Hoodies, T-Shirts & Polos".

Mai 2022

Attending the First Trade Show at the Nürburgring

Mai 2022

Introduction of Swiss Sellita Movement

December 2022

Reached Over 45,000 Happy Customers

January 2023

Expansion of Watch Production with In-House Painting

January 2023

Second invitation to a Photoshoot in Dubai

February 2023

Journey to the North Cape in Norway

Mai 2023

500.000 TikTok and 100.000 Youtube Follower

July 2023

700.000 Follower on TikTok

August 2023

100.000 Follower on Facebook.

September 2023

Ice Out Drop for Our Third Anniversary

September 2023

Sale of Golden ICE OUT Watch for €14,500

November 2023

250.000 Follower on Instagram